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Principal's Message

Joseph Maines, Del Valle Elementary Principal

Mr. Maines previously served as assistant principal of Del Valle Elementary School for 5 years. With over 20 years of experience, he was formerly Instructional Facilitator and Math teacher at Ojeda Middle School and High School Math teacher with the University of Texas University Charter Schools, Pegasus Campus.   He graduated with a degree in Health Education from the University of Florida and received his Masters degree in Education Leadership at the University of South Florida. 

Photo of Jay Maines, Dell Valle ES principal

A Message from Joseph Maines

As Principal, I am proud to devote my work to the school’s mission. The mission of Del Valle Elementary is to foster a safe environment in which stakeholders proactively support mutual growth to create lifelong learners. I’m sure you would agree with this mission and will collaborate with us to ensure your child’s future is full of successes both in and out of the classroom.

DVE students SOAR!


Mr. Maines, M.Ed.
Principal Teacher
Del Valle Elementary School

To contact Mr. Maines, please click here or call 512-386-3350.

Del Valle Elementary Assistant Principals

Photo of Dr. Ruth Vail

Ruth Vail
Campus Behavior Coordinator